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Recombinant RNase Inhibitor forms a complex with RNase A and inhibits RNase activity. This reaction is reversible, and ribonuclease activity can be. RNase Block Ribonuclease Inhibitor is a kDa protein that specifically inhibits common eukaryotic RNases including RNase A, RNase B, and RNase C. It is a. Ribonuclease inhibitors with broad-spectrum RNase inhibitory properties. Recombinant and native available. Plus version protects RNA before, during and after.

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Ribonucleases and Ribonuclease Inhibitors: Structure, Function, and Evolution by. Jo Ellen Lomax. A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of. RNase Inhibitor, Murine is a 50 kDa recombinant protein of murine origin. The inhibitor specifically inhibits RNases A, B and C. It inhibits RNases by. RNase Inhibitor is a protein-based ribonuclease inhibitor which noncovalently binds and inactivates a wide variety of RNases.

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RiboShield™ RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant protein that blocks the activity of a wide range of ribonucleases to reliably protect your RNA from RNase digestion. Ribonuclease inhibitor (RI) is a large (~ residues, ~49 kDa), acidic (pI ~), leucine-rich repeat protein that forms extremely tight complexes with. RNase Inhibitor, Human Placenta is a recombinant human placental protein which specifically inhibits ribonucleases (RNases) A, B and C (1).