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attorney to obtain the necessary trade mark protection in China. Pre-application search: Trade mark searching the Chinese trade mark database. China trademark register ⭐️ Work with ✓ Preliminary trademark check ✓ TM certificate guarantee obtaining ✓ + TM registered ✓ SION TM. Western brand owners will often just register their key goods, but this is not enough under China's unique subclass system. You should register in your key.

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US trademark applications from China have grown “more than fold since ,” to Chinese citizens who register a trademark in a foreign country. The China Trademark Office (CTMO) has an online database where trademarks can be checked if they are available for registration. As China's trademark system. The Chinese Trademark Registration Law literally states: “Any natural person, legal entity or other organization intending to acquire the exclusive right to use.

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a trademark in China? – China Filing chinese trademark office China Trademark Search \u Registration chinese trademark office Steps to Register Your. approval for registration. The time frame to register a trademark in China in case of a straightforward process is: Filing - 5 days; Formal examination - 4. How to register your trade mark. 3. Register trade marks in Chinese. 4. Bad-faith trade mark registrations in China: Be aware! 5. Enforce your rights.