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My company recently purchased a Multi-Domain SSL certificate for use on an IBMi V7R2. I'm relatively new to the IBMi world, but I get the feeling the DSM. The University of Arizona has a contract with InCommon to provide SSL certificates for all university servers. Furthermore, InCommon offers multi-domain SSL. Learn about the different types of SSL/TLS certificates, SSL certificate A multi-domain SSL certificate, or MDC, lists multiple distinct domains on one.

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The UC certificate and Wildcard SSL offer protection for main domains and subdomains. The UCC like the Multi-Domain SSL can support up to main domains and. Secure Up to Domains and/or Subdomains The UCC/SAN SSL Certificate is a “binder certificate” that allows you to combine multiple Basic SSL and Wildcard. Multi domain (SAN) is a built-in feature that comes with an SSL certificate which lets users secure multiple domains under a single certificate.

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Multi Domain SSL Certificate is a single certificate to secure multiple domains (FQDN) that can be installed on different servers. It is a money and time-saving. Our multi-domain SSL certificates, also known as Subject Alternate Name (SAN) certificates, provide website encryption, identification, and authentication for. Secure up to domain names with a single certificate using Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, also known as SAN/UCC certificates.