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Contingency insurance exists to protect the expenses and revenues of event planners, broadcasters, sponsors, brands, exhibitors or even private individuals. We have strong relationships with every contingency insurer and are in regular contact with over 50 individual underwriters within more than 25 insurance. Event cancellation is a contingency insurance coverage designed to protect event expenses or revenue against cancellation or abandonment caused by reasons.

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Contingency insurance plans are designed to provide extra protection for scheduled events, such as a theatre production or sports game. An appraisal contingency can give home buyers peace of mind about the come up with the cash to cover the difference between the appraisal and your offer. From event cancellation and non appearance cover to film and prize indemnity, our expert team can provide contingency cover specific to your needs.

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Beazley contingency insurance is the market leader for sports, entertainment, and no-show coverage at conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows. ENTERTAINMENT & CONTINGENCY INSURANCE. Coverage that gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your event or production. The business scope of the panel is Contingency Insurance and this includes issues connected to the following Lloyd's Risk Code classifications: PC, PF, PN.