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Payline transparently shows you the wholesale cost set by the card brands. View the interchange rates for VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Interchange Fees are payable between the retailer (known as a self-Acquirer) or the retailers' financial institution (known as the Acquirer) and the. Research staff provide an annual update of credit and debit card interchange fees in various countries, regulatory developments in the payment card markets.

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Interchange is the fee credit card companies charge businesses to accept their cards. You pay the brand for the convenience of accepting this payment method. As an example, if a transaction had an interchange and card-brand cost of %, you would be billed % for the transaction cost and % + 8¢ for Helcim's. Interchange fees typically consist of a percentage of each transaction accompanied by a flat per transaction fee (e.g. % + $). For card issuers.

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Part of this fee goes to the issuer of the card. When you use Hydrogen's bundled plans, the issuer is you! Hydrogen Interchange Rates (Bundled Plans Only). When a transaction is made on a Visa Credit Card, the bank that processes that transaction for the merchant pays a fee to the bank that issued the credit. Interchange fees, also known as IC or IRF, are the fees that Acquirers like First Data Canada are required to pay to Card Issuers under Network rules.