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Private trusts set up under the Trusts Act need to be registered under the Regis- tration Act in the event immovable property is devolved on such private. A private trust company, also known as a family trust company, is an entity that provides trust and fiduciary services to a single-family group. A trust is a legal relationship in which the holder of a right gives it to another person or Private and public trusts: A private trust has one or more particular.

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Find out how our highly rated financial service company can help your family reach your financial goals. Visit our Legacy Private Trust website today! A purpose trust can be formed to hold assets without conferring a benefit on any person. They are also used to hold the shares in a private trust company. New York Private Trust has been formed as a Delaware-chartered trust company to take advantage of Delaware's favorable trust environment for the benefit of.

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Private trust companies (PTCs) are commonly used by HNW families in their wealth structuring, for a variety of reasons. PTCs act as the sole corporate. A Bermuda private trust company is exempt from the licensing requirements under the Trusts (Regulation of Trusts Business) Act , as amended so long as it. Appointing a professional trustee or co-trustee such as MD Private Trust Company (MDPT) as an objective third party should be considered.